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Hard Drives With ThunderBolt Ports

Until recently,'Hurry up and wait' was Intel and Apple's answer to your interest in purchasing ThunderBolt accessories or backup drive. With their tight control over the chipset and technolog, hard drive makers were very dependent on them. It took a year but now dive makers like Seagate, Western-Digital, Sonnet, Elgato, Akitio, Oyen Digital, Hitachi, Buffalo Technologies and LaCie are filling the product pipeline with a decent range of ThudnerBolt drive solutions for both consumer anad professional markets.

Shipping ThunderBolt Hard Drives

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LaCie D2 ThunderBolt Drive

TBolt and USB 3.0 Interfaces
ThunderBolt Cable

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TBolt Laptop Drive

Combo ThunderBolt + USB3

ThunderBolt backup drives are now listed in the ACCESSORIES > STORAGE section of the Apple store as well: The 1 Terabyte Lacie ThunderBolt Little Big Disk. Dual 500GB 7200 RPM conventional hard drives are paired in a RAID 0 config for maximum thruput from spinning platter technology. Dual ThunderBolt ports allow daisy-chaining additional devices. $399.95 for the 1TB model. A 2TB drive is also available for $499.95. Sometimes a ThunderBolt cable is NOT included - be sure to check product specifications closely to make sure if one is included with the drive.

Harddisk ThunderBolt 2 Drives

A single spinning-platter hard disk drive simple can deliver bits of data fast enough compared to flash memory solid-state technology or a ThunderBolt2 interface's bandwidth. However, when several hard drives are configured in multi-drive striped RAID hardware or software based drive arrays we see spectacular data transfer rates and reasonably affordable multi-terabyte capacities from this conventional, mechanical storage medium.

ThunderBolt 2 Pegasus RAID

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LaCie ThunderBolt2 RAID

6TB and 12TB Drives

It's been months in coming. For Apple to ship new Macs and offer NO TBolt drive to plug into it the day of it's release - was inexcusable. And sadly, the first drives to market were geard towards high-end professional video editing and music production studios where the payback will be best. Expect LaCie to follow soon with it's Dual-SSD Little Big Disk, or Sonnet Technologies Fusion SSD ThunderBold drive to arrive at a stiff price point.

Apple Computers With ThunderBolt Ports

TBolt - LightPeak Enabled MacBooks
Apple computers are now shipping with ThunderBolt port drive support. Currently, the latest models of Apple's MacBook Air and Pro, Mac mini and iMac now ship with ThunderBolt capabilities. (Which also supplant and include the mini-DisplayPort external monitor functionality as well.) In Mid-2012 a complete revamp of the MacBook line from Pro to Air to Retina Display laptops got 2nd generation ThunderBolt chipsets as well as SuperSpeed USB 3.0 capabilities.